Save Money with Solar Pool Heating

If you’re a pool owner in West Hawaii, you know the expense of using electric or gas to warm your pool can be very high. Most pools heating systems can run bills of $300 to $500+ a month.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Our Heliocol panels have the highest efficiency rating of any pool panel in the industry. They work great in West Hawaii, stand up well to our strong UV rays, and come with a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty. We offer EcoSpark and SunStar pool heating systems as well which offer additional design benefits.  Our professional team will help you determine the right system for your project.

Our solar pool heating systems offer the fastest payback of any of our solar water or ventilation products. Most of our customers see a payback on their system in just one to two years.

Start enjoying your pool and stop paying exorbitant costs to keep the water warm with a Kona Solar pool heating system.

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