Save Money with Solar Hot Water

Kona-Solar-Hawaii-CO-energy-useThe Big Island has the highest electric rates in the nation.

A solar hot water system is a great way to cut your electric bill up to 40%!

What are the incentives for installing a solar hot water system?

  • Helping Hawaii reach energy independence of 100% by 2045
  • 35% State of Hawaii Tax Credit*
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit*
  • $300 Property Tax Credit*
  • $750 Rebate from Hawaii energy*

The biggest incentive is how much you will save over the lifetime of your system: $12,000 to $30,000! This is money in your pocket. If electric rates go higher—as we all imagine they will—you will save even more.

*For eligible homeowners, check with your tax advisor to determine if you qualify.

Can I Afford Solar?

A new solar water heating system can cost less than $2,000 and pay for itself in around 2 years if you qualify for all the rebates and tax incentives!  Additionally, we do offer financing options with 0% down and 0% interest.

If you qualify, you can use your savings to pay for the system!  Costs and incentives are subject to change, contact Kona Solar today for a free estimate and start saving with solar.  With these generous incentives and fast payback, you really can’t afford not to Go Solar!

The Bottom Line: Big Savings!

The payback time for a family of four with a $250 monthly electric bill and average usage (40%; $100/month for hot water) is about two years! Over the next 18 years (expected life of system), savings will be over $20,000!

Installing a solar water heater is a big benefit for the environment too and can reduce your family’s carbon footprint by 3.5 metric tones per year.  That’s the equivalent of not driving your 4 cylinder family car for an entire year!  This drastically reduces your family’s impact on the environment and helps to make a cleaner, greener environment for the next generation.