Save Money, Save the Planet with Solar Electric (PV)

Clean, green energy – FREE from the Sun!

Hawaii has the highest electric rates in the nation and a large percentage of Hawaii’s electricity is produced by burning imported fossil fuels.  Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and your electric utility bill by going green with solar electric (PV)!

How Solar Works


The photovoltaic cells in solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity.

The HELCO grid or batteries store electricity for use at night and when it’s cloudy.

This equipment converts the energy to voltage needed to run standard electrical equipment.

What are the incentives for installing a solar electric (PV) system?

  • Helping Hawaii reach energy independence of 100% by 2045
  • 35% State of Hawaii Tax Credit*
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit*
  • $300 Property Tax Credit*
  • Solar technology for electricity can reduce your carbon footprint making a cleaner, greener environment for you and your family.

*For eligible homeowners, check with your tax advisor to determine if you qualify.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Every household’s usage of electricity is different, contact Kona Solar for a free analysis to determine the costs and savings for your unique situation.